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May 31, 2018
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My boyfriend and I were referred to George by my boyfriend’s brother, who said George had the most personable staff, and that it was a very personable process. When we met with George I felt like I could ask any question and he would have an answer. He made it a personal, comfortable situation for us. We walked in with a lot of questions and nerves – my boyfriend was saying “I don’t know if we can do this” but he put us at ease.

A year prior we called a lender and got pre-approved over-the-phone. Then we never heard from that lender again. George wanted to meet us face-to-face so we sat down with him and thought “OK, we can do this.”

Going into it, we knew we needed to provide info. We knew about interest rates and down payments but that’s about it. We went into it thinking it would be a daunting process and thinking “Well, what happens after this?” George really laid it out and so we felt reassured.

The only hiccup in the whole process was on the home-buying front – it’s a tough market and we had to make a lot of offers.

We also worked with Racheal O’Dell and she was absolutely phenomenal. When I emailed her she would write right back.

I have no complaints. It was the perfect first-time home buying experience for us and we’ll definitely be back when we buy our next house.

-Mallory Goldammer

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